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Sunday Worship 10:30 AM


Epic (Youth)

Student Ministry | 6th-12th Grade

We're family. We're close but not closed. We take care of our own but are always ready to take others in. We are more about serving one another than serving ourselves. And we love to see each other every week. During the school year, EPIC (grades 6-8) meets from 6:30-8pm on Wednesday nights, and (grades 9-12) meets on Sundays from 6-8pm. Stay in the loop by joining our Facebook group and signing up for our monthly email update below.

We're all about Jesus. To be honest, we're pretty much obsessed with Him. Because He created us, saved us with His own death on the cross and rose from the dead to rule the universe, we think He's the most #epic person ever. So we listen to what He says in the Bible and ask Him to do what He wants with us.
We're on a mission. Since Jesus is so epic, we think everyone needs to know Him. It's our goal to tell all 16,000 of Muskegon's unchurched students about His love and truth and show Him off by how we live. We adventure together into at least one service project each month and love those whom others might consider "losers" - the poor, the "uncool", the "different," the lonely, the hurting."
Jason Magnuson
Pastor of Student Ministries

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